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Society in Cyprus

People from different countries live in Cyprus, Of course Greeks are more than others, that is why the biggest society is Greek one.

May be because of this fact Greek and Cypriot cultures are similar, as well as their cuisine.

A lot of Englishmen live in Cyprus. Cyprus was a colony of England many years ago and still there is an English army base in Cyprus.

Many Russians settled here, majority of them live in Limassol.

Russian residents do not have their society, and communicate between each other only on the playgrounds. Many of them are wives of rich people, who sent off families from Russia worrying about their safety on native land.

Arabian society in Cyprus consists of several thousands of people. They come out to the protest meetings to American and Israeli Embassies when the relations between Arabian world and Israel become more acute.

There are no poor people and may be because of this there are no any social tensions and problems, which can be seen in many European countries.

Each society in Cyprus resolves problems peaceful and polite.

That is why Cyprus is attractive for business and tourism.

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