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  • Annabelle Hotel *****
    Family-run oasis in Cyprus!
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  • Anassa Beach Hotel *****
    The best hotel in Cyprus!
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  • Almyra Hotel *****
    The "taste of the sea"
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First time in Cyprus?

If you are in Cyprus for the first time, you might need some of our advices.

The weather in Cyprus is warm during the whole year, so you don't need warm clothes, even in the evenings. You can swim from June till October inclusive, even the small children can. From October till April you might need a thin sweater while walking in the evenings.

In Cyprus there are no private beaches, so you can use any beach you like, except the pool. If you would like to use the other Hotel's Pool, you have to pay for it.

You can call your country from the hotel or the public phone, the phone cards are sold in the nearest shops.

The traffic direction in Cyprus is the same as in UK, so be careful if you rent a car.

About the rates for accommodation: there is a direct connection between the rates and the service level. The better the services are, the higher are the rates.

If you want to come to Cyprus during the high season, it's better to book the hotel 3 months before, as almost all the hotels are fully booked for August.

There are a lot of Restaurants in the Hotel's area. There are different opinions about the national Cypriot dish - meze (fish or meat). Some tourist liked it, but some of them were very disappointed about the famous meze. So we tried to investigate this matter and came to the conclusion that those tourists, who had tried it in the special, big restaurants in the hotels or in the tourist area, didn't like it. The Cypriots prefer to eat this traditional dish out of the town in some taverns and small specialized restaurants.

You can contact our Travel Agency, and we'll take you to any of these Restaurants, with great pleasure.

If you are in a travel business and you have your own travel agency, we would be glad to co-operate with you, in whatever country you wouldn't be located, in China, Japan, Australia or New Zealand, South Africa, Swaziland, Kenya, Tanzania or Uganda in East Africa; Botswana, Portugal, Iran, Dubai, Guatemala, Italy or USA (Colorado, Los Angeles, Southern California, Texas, Hawaii, Florida).

If you are interested in finding luxury property on Cyprus - we can help you. Buying real estate in Cyprus is the best investment for you.

You can ask any question you want about Cyprus and we'll try to answer on it.

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