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Transportation in Cyprus

Cyprus is a small island, thus there is no need for railroads and for internal airlines. All the trips inside the country are implemented on scheduled buses, particular cars and by taxi.


Taxi is a very confortable means of transport. If you decided to ride by taxi, then is no necessity to catch it on the street, but to ask the hotel's administrator to call for a taxi. Also the tourists can go in a cafe, restaurant or shop and to ask for a taxi call. The locals are very friendly, so they gladly will help the guests. The triggering of the counter starts from the moment of passengers fit, so it is very convenient.

In the rural areas a very convinient means of transport is so calles "service-taxi". It is a large car which transports about 10 passengers and is cheaper than taxi. It circulates between the neighbouring cities from 5-45 till 17-45 in winter time and till 18-30 in summer time. Passengers have to book the seats in service taxi previously. Servise taxi offers the passengers a big advantage. They can call and indicate the whereabouts and the service taxi will take them from there.

Fixed-run taxi

The fixed-run taxis ply between cities daily from 5-45 am till 18-30 pm (19-30 is summer) at 30 min intervals. During weekends it plyes from 7-00 am till 17-30 (18-30 in summer). The fixed-run taxis transports up to 7 passengers. To go by fixed-run-taxi is twice more expensive than by bus, but 10 times cheaper than by taxi. Also it is very convenient as passengers can be picked up from any part of the city advised in advance.


Buses are the cheapest transport on Cyprus. Bus lines connects every location in Cyprus. The long-distance runs are twice per day. The trip costs as maximum CYP2.50.

Urban buses ply during the day, especially that ones which connects tourist zones with the city centre.

Car hire on Cyprus

To hire a car on Cyprus is necessary to have driving licence. Also there are some restrictions: the leaseholder must have no less than 1 year experience. In-depth information about car hire you can find here.

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